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~~ The Legend of Lugansk ~~

It is said, that Catherine the great, Empress of Russia, two centuries ago sought to develop the coal mining and industrial potential of Eastern Ukraine. Men would work there, but they would not stay long, as it was a remote location.  To provide the miners with reasons to stay and develop cities in the region, the Empress exiled as many beautiful Russian women as she could find, to live in Lugansk.  She needed the miners to stay there. And she also did not appreciate competition for men's attention at her court. So she solved two problems. 

In the past two centuries, generation after generation of beautiful women have been born there, raised to be dedicated to family and self-improvement.

And many of these amazing and talented young women have relocated to Kiev, especially now, due to confilct in Eastern Ukraine.  They seek real love, security and family warmth. They become devoted wives, fulfilling all of a husband's needs with tireless dedication to the excellence of the family's life.

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Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful, and dedicated wives. They strive to improve themselves, in physical shape and appearance, intelligence, social skills, and love. All such aspects are part of their identity. It shows who they are. And being authentic and charming reflects well on the husband, which is always a priority.