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Statues in the fountain in Independence Square honoring brothers Kyi, Shchek, and Khoryv, and sister Lybid, explorers who founded the city of Kiev (in Ukrainian, "Kyiv", named after the first brother.).

Street artists and performers on the plaza walk on Kreschatyk Street, closed to vehicle traffic on weekends, drawing thousands to a street festival in the heart of the city.

Easter festival in the plaza at Saint Sophia's Church. Hundreds of people decorate large plastic bunny forms, in  fanciful colors and materials, and display them in the plaza, where carnival rides and games continue for two weeks as the Spring comes to bloom.

              Kiev Riverport on the Dnipro.

River tours, floating restaurants, party boats. Food vendors and restaurants line the esplanade above the docks. The Friendship of Nations Arch is visible at the top of the hill.

View of the Riverport, and the Podil District, looking upriver from the Friendship of Nations Arch.

  Offices in America and in Kiev

The Friendship of Nations Arch

The beauty and wonder of Kiev are easily accessed.  Many points of attraction are within walking distance from major hotels, as are fine restaurants, though we offer quality transportation as needed.

An artist's display of paintings for sale surrounds a statue of  national icon Taras Shevchenko, just below St. Andrew's.         

A photographer seeks a good angle, trying to capture the details of a 3-story mural on an apartment building near the foot of the Andriyivski Descent, where it meets the Podil District. 

The majestic Saint Andrew's Church, high on a hill overlooking the city.

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Early morning, the ancient cobblestone street known as the Andriyivskyi Descent (leading down the hill from St. Andrew's to the Podil District, favored venue for art, music and dining) fills quickly with vendors of all kinds of items. 

Blown Glass figurines for sale.

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